This document contains advice and information for the general public regarding data recorded by

Hungerford Town Council's CCTV Systems and the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.


Full details of the principles and criteria under which Council owned CCTV systems operate may be found in the CCTV Code of Practice (copies are available from the Town Council Office), or from the website


All CCTV recordings are retained for a minimum period of 31 days. If no legitimate request for

retention of the recording has been made, it is then erased or overwritten. All requests for retention

of recordings are considered against the provision of the Data Protection Act and the CCTV Code of Practice.

Recorded data will only be used for the purposes defined in the Code of Practice. Access to recorded data shall only take place in the circumstances defined in the Code of Practice and the provisions of relevant legislation.

Recorded data will not be sold or used for commercial purposes or the provision of entertainment. However, in exceptional circumstances images may be released but subject to strict controls and with the approval of senior management.

All data released shall remain the property of Hungerford Town Council.


The showing of recorded data to the public will only be permitted in accordance with the CCTV Code of Practice and the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998.

In every case, a written application in an approved format (application forms are available from Environmental Services); clearly showing the reason(s) for the request is required.

A charge not exceeding the prescribed maximum is payable for each request to view recorded images.


If you do have cause to complain about any aspect of the Council's CCTV Systems, please write to the Town Clerk, Hungerford Town Council, The Library, Church St, Hungerford, RG17 0SU.


Data Protection Act 1998

How to Apply for Access to Information Held on the CCTV System

These notes explain how you can find out what information, if any, is held about you on the CCTV system.

Your Rights

Subject to certain exemptions, you have a right to be told whether any personal data is held about you.

You also, have a right to a copy of that information in a permanent form except where the supply of such a copy is not possible or would involve disproportionate effort, or if you agree otherwise. Hungerford Town Council will only give that information if it is satisfied as to your identify. If release of the information will disclose information relating to another individual(s) who can be identified from that information, Hungerford Town Council is not obliged to comply with an access request unless: -

· The other individual has consented to the disclosure of information, or

· It is reasonable in all the circumstances to comply with the request without the consent of the other individual(s).

Hungerford Town Council Rights

Hungerford Town Council may deny access to information where the Act allows. The main exemptions in relation to information held on the CCTV System are where the information may be held for: -

· Prevention and detection of crime.

· Apprehension and prosecution of offenders.

Should the release of the data likely prejudice any of the above purposes then access can be refused.


A fee of £10 is payable for each access request, (at the Council's discretion) which must be in pounds sterling. Cheques, Postal Orders, etc., should be made payable to Hungerford Town Council.


All sections of the form must be completed; failure to do so may delay your application

Section 1Asks you to give information about yourself that will help us to confirm your identity. We have a duty to ensure that information it holds is secure and it must be satisfied that you are who you say you are.

Section 2Asks you to provide evidence of your identity by producing TWO official documents (which between them clearly show your name, date of birth and current address), together with a recent full face photograph of you.

Section 3The declaration must be signed by you.

When you have completed and checked this form, take or send it, together with the required TWO identification documents, photograph and fee to:-

Hungerford Town Council, The Library, Church St, Hungerford RG17 0JG

If you have any queries regarding this form, or your application, please contact us on, 01488 686195

Application Form

Privacy Impact Assessment