Cllr Richard Hudson

Name: Cllr Richard Hudson

Email Address:

Mobile: 07710 237749

Position: Chair of Neighbourhood Plan

Status: Active

Sub-committees & Responsibilities

  • Highways & Transport Committee
  • Environment & Planning Committee
  • West Berks Association Of Local Councils
  • Hungerford Neighbourhood Plan Team

Declaration of Interest Forms

Declaration of interests form HUDSON.pdf


Councillor since 2002!

It has been a few years now and it seems just a part of my life. Most Monday evenings popping along to the Town Hall for a meeting, either the Full Council, Planning or Transport. My background is as a professional transport planner, so I have mainly aimed to assist with planning and transport related matters. The Council is a friendly team; we have a great set up with an office and a Clerk to help.

I was chair of the Transport Committee for several years, but I tend to take more of a back seat these days as I’m rather busy with work. This year I have been trying to help with planning and housing as these are major issues for the town as it is so important that we try and protect it and the Area of Outstanding Beauty around us.

I’d recommend being a Councillor if you are interested in your community and you really can make a difference. Key achievements that I’ve been heavily involved in include the pedestrian bridge over the canal and the Town Plan. Don’t be scared off by the process and formality as you soon get used to it.