Cllr Stella Coulthurst

Name: Cllr Stella Coulthurst

Email Address:

Mobile: 07785 111490

Position: Councillor

Status: Active

Sub-committees & Responsibilities

  • Environment & Planning Committee
  • Recreation, Amenities & War Memorials Committee

Declaration of Interest Forms

Declaration of interests form COULTHURST.pdf


I am delighted to have become a resident of Hungerford in 2022 and I have very much enjoyed discovering the town, its adjacent countryside and its many facilities. With a great hope that I am rooted here for a long time, I should like to be part of a contribution to the town through Hungerford Town Council.

With a long-ish career, mainly as an investment banker but enjoying a number of roles and sectors (including older care, hospitality, Citizens Advice and Kennet Radio – 106.7 FM) , I hope I bring some useful know-how and experience. Having served as, variously, senior, junior and “general grunt”, I hope I can contribute empathetically in the processes that make a sustainable and thriving Hungerford.