Cllr Mark Cusack

Name: Cllr Mark Cusack

Email Address:

Mobile: 07710 424226

Position: Councillor

Status: Active

Sub-committees & Responsibilities

  • Recreation, Amenities & War Memorials Committee
  • Highways & Transport Committee
  • Christmas Lights
  • West Berks Association Of Local Councils
  • Environment & Planning Committee

Declaration of Interest Forms

Declaration of interests form CUSACK.pdf


Joining HTC is fundamentally about serving you. The residents, community groups and businesses in Hungerford. The last few years have seen us all face change and challenges.

Traditions of Hungerford go back centuries and contribute to making it such a fascinating place to live. Fond memories of the Town as a youngster was the main reason for moving back although initially it was just for a year. Six years later and I’m proud to say I have found a town I call home.

Time then to take on some responsibility and serve the community.

My taste in music might be stuck in the 1990s but young people are vital for Hungerford. It was fabulous the other week to go to the first gig of a local band. Putting their own stamp on Billy Joel, Oasis and other legends along with their own music. Seeing people from 18 to 88 smiling, singing and dancing together is what life is all about. We have more that unites us than divides us.

Working as a team we have to carry on to enhance public transport, increase policing and ensure the Town thrives in the years ahead.