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Our website aims to inform you about the activities of the Council and to invite your comments.

There are 15 volunteer Councillors who are supported by the Town Clerk, Deputy Clerk and RFO. Full Council meets every month and there are five main committees and the timetable for these is listed in the calendar. Town issues are actively debated and actions taken to try and make life better for the people of Hungerford.

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

Hungerford Town Council is considering whether or not to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan.  Please come along to our meeting on Monday 22nd January 2018 at 7.00pm in the Corn Exchange and put forward your views.  
We are pleased to outline below some background information regarding the Neighbourhood Plan; some of this information was taken from Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council whose representative, Pat Wingfield, will be at our meeting on the 22nd.
Our expectations of a Neighbourhood Plan include:
  • To influence the number and location of developments in the parish 
  • To produce more detailed policies than WBC
  • Great community involvement with a 'can do' attitude and the opportunity to have a say in what is built
  • We realise the time frame will be between 2-3 years and will involve a lot of work
  • One of the main benefits is receiving a larger CIL (community infrastructure levy) payment when development takes place.  The CIL is increased from 15% to 25% with a Neighbourhood Plan in place and this can be used to fund a number of other non-planning projects

How would we go about it?
  • Set up a Steering Group consisting of Councillors and non Councillors who would meet on a regular basis and report monthly to the full Council
  • A survey of local residents by questionnaire
  • Help required from consultants and we would work closely with WBC
  • We expect the cost to be in the region of £15,000
  • We would hope for some volunteers to help with exhibitions etc

The following examples show what a Neighbourhood Plan can achieve, other than development: (These are not necessarily what Hungerford residents would wish to do, but Stratfield Mortimer achieved the following):
  • A dark village - a policy that any new development does not have street lights
  • A policy specifying residential garages must be wide enough for today's cars!
  • A site design brief
  • Many non-planning projects - e.g. more sports projects
  • Space for a school and doctors
  • 40% affordable housing

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Monday 22nd January at 7.00pm. 

In the meantime, if  you are interested in finding out more about the subject, the following websites provide more information: My Community; Forum for Neighbourhood Planning; Planning Aid; Locality; The Department for Communities and Local Government; and West Berkshire’s own site.

Award of Freedom of the Town 2018

Hungerford Town Council welcomes nominations for the Award of Freedom of the Town 2018.  Please see the attached document for information and a nomination form.
Nominations for this year's award should be received by the Town Clerk no later than 1st March 2018.  Forms are available from the Council office in the Library building or on line at
The Awards will be announced at the Town's Public Meeting on Wednesday 21st March 2018.

Award of Freedom of the Town
Nomination Form

If you have any concerns or issues please contact a Councillor, or contact the Town Council Office.

The Town Council office is situated in the new Library building with automatic doors and is next to Church Street Car Park which has disabled parking.

Decision Notice on Salisbury Road AONB Development

Please see the decision notice for the Salisbury Road AONB Development outlined in the attached document.Decision Notice

Neigbourhood Watch Hungerford

Following a meeting led by Angela Money, Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Committee Member representing West Berkshire with Thames Valley Police, Mayor of Hungerford and Richard Benyon MP, local residents were encouraged to create a Neighbourhood Watch team in Hungerford.

The first priority is to find a Co-ordinator.  If you are interested, please fill out the attached form and send it to The Head of Coporate Communications, Thames Valley Police Headquarter - address on the bottom of the attached form

Application Form

Police & Crime Summary


A summary version of the Police and Crime Plan of the Thames Valley 2017-2021 has now been published detailing the five strategic priorities for policing and crime for the next five years.  Please see attached document.Summary

Judicial Review of Salisbury Road AONB Development


We have received an order from the Judge refusing HTC permission for Planning Statutory Review. This means that having reached permission stage of the JR we are unlikely to proceed any further. The Judge’s decision is to NOT allow the case to proceed to a full substantive hearing. If appropriate we can apply to renew the application to an oral hearing where our barrister can argue before a judge the reasons to grant permission. There would be further costs involved with this. This will be discussed at the Full Council meeting on Monday. 

Judge's Decision
Please see the attached document which outlines the Statement of Facts & Grounds which will be examined in the Judicial Review
Hungerford Town Council are looking to raise £25,000 to pay legal fees to go to court against the development of 100 houses on land at Salisbury Road which is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Please follow the link for further information.
We would welcome your pledge to stop this development.
Hungerford Town Council voted to take West Berkshire Council to Judicial Review following many meetings attended by Councillors and member of the public. Please see attached the minutes of the meeting where this decision was voted on to proceed.Draft Minutes
To see all associated documents on the planning application please go to


ImageThe major planning application has been submitted to West Berkshire Council for a development of 119 houses with a new access roundabout off Salisbury Road, South of the town, outside the town boundary on a greenfield site has been amended - please see details on letter attached


Approx 200 Hungerford residents attended a public meeting to voice their views on the planning application for 119 houses on land south of Priory Road.  The meeting confirmed that the majority of those attended strongly object to the planning application with the main reasons being that it is 100% greenfield and in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and alternative brownfield sites are available; the current road infrastructure is not adequate to accommodate the extra car journeys through the town;  lack of Primary School places;  pressure on an already stretched doctor's surgery as well as concerns voiced by residents adjoining the site regarding flooding.

After listening to the views of the residents, Hungerford Town Council put together their reasons of objection to West Berkshire Council which you can see attached.
HTC Objection Response

Hungerford Town Council's Response to Phase 2 of Budget Cuts

Hungerford Town Council agreed their response to West Berkshire Council's Phase 2 of budget proposals at a meeting held on Monday 29th February 2016.  The formal response was submitted to West Berkshire Council on Tuesday 1st March 2016 and can be viewed by clicking on the PDF.

HTC Response to WBC phase 2 Budget Proposals

Age UK Berkshire - Easy Shop

Easy Shop is a service provided by Age UK Berkshire in association with the leading supermarkets to give you regular and reliable supermarket shopping delivered to your home.  If you find it difficult to get to the shops, can't or don't want to shop on-line: whether you're older or a person with disabilities, Easy Shop is designed for you.  Please follow the attached link to Penny Post for more details about this helpful scheme:
or contact Age UK Berkshire on 0118 959 4242 or 01635 522255,,

West Berkshire Council's Preferred Options Housing Site Allocations - Development Plan Document - Hungerford Area

As part of its preferred Options and Housing Site’s Development Plan Document, West Berkshire Council is recommending that 100 dwellings are constructed south of the town off Salisbury Road.  However, Hungerford Town Council believes there is a better option with less impact.  The preferred Town Council option 'pepper-pots', or spreads the dwellings around the town with some at the rail station area, Smitham Bridge Road and Eddington.

Comments were due by 24th December 2015, and we hope that many of you have submitted your views to be considered.

Please find attached the response submitted by Hungerford Town Council

Hungerford Town Council's response


Please also find attached the report submitted by Ashburn Planning whose expertise in town planning is assisting Hungerford Town Council through this process.

Report by Ashburn Planning

Council Reports

Town Council Response to DPD Consultation

From Friday 25 July to Friday 12 September, West Berkshire Council is consulting on their Housing Site Allocations Preferred Options Development Plan Document.

The Preferred Options DPD includes West Berkshire Council's preferred housing sites for Hungerford. For more information on how you can get involved in the consultation process see this link. See the attached response from the Town Council.

Housing Report 2013

Report on the need for housing in Hungerford.

Strategic Housing Assessment

Map identifies sites for potential housing in Hungerford.

Hungerford Station Regeneration

This document has been prepared to provide a clear concept of the potential for improvements to Hungerford Railway Station area, which is the subject of a number of competing pressures for development.

Executive Summary Development Brief

This document is a non technical executive summary of the Hungerford Station Regeneration Development Brief which has been prepared by the Town Council.