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Events for week beginning 10th December 2018

Monday 10th December 7.00pm Environment & Planning committee meeting in the main Library room.


Welcome to Hungerford Town Council's Website

Our website aims to inform you about the activities of the Council and to invite your comments.

There are 15 volunteer Councillors who are supported by the Town Clerk, Deputy Clerk and RFO. Full Council meets every month and there are five main committees and the timetable for these is listed in the calendar. Town issues are actively debated and actions taken to try and make life better for the people of Hungerford.

If you have any concerns or issues please contact a Councillor, or contact the Town Council Office.

The Town Council office is situated in the new Library building with automatic doors and is next to Church Street Car Park which has disabled parking.


Smarten up Hungerford


West Berkshire Council Public Consultation


West Berkshire Council has started a public consultation on budget proposals which affect some frontline services. They are keen that as many residents, groups and organisations as possible have the opportunity to review the proposals and respond if they want to by the deadline of 23rd December.  The information can be found at:

West Berkshire Council Press Release: Removal of unwanted green bins

We have received the following press release from WBC:

West Berkshire Council will be arranging collection of unwanted green bins over the next few months. Residents who do not wish to subscribe to the garden waste service or use their green bin to recycle food waste can request a collection online to have their green bin removed from their property

We would encourage residents to use their green bin to recycle food waste or to use them for something other than garden waste. Some residents have chosen to use them for extra storage, or to convert them into a water butt, wormery or composter.

Request for a green bin to be collected at

Hungerford 2036 Neighbourhood Plan Update

If you wish to be kept informed of progress, please sign up to our mailing list by clicking on the link below and entering your email at the bottom of the page

Press Release from the Canal & River Trust - Feeding the Ducks!


PRESS RELEASE - 30 July 2018


The Canal & River Trust, the charity that cares for the Kennet & Avon Canal, is urging visitors to Hungerford Wharf to ditch the bread and feed healthy snacks to the ducks.

Working with Hungerford Town Council the Canal & River Trust is asking local people to help improve the diets of ducks and swans by feeding them natural treats such as leafy greens, sweetcorn, oats and vegetables.

Hungerford Wharf is a great spot for families to enjoy but feeding bread to ducks is bad for their diets. Any leftover bread attracts vermin and having too many birds in one place creates an excess of bird droppings. Bread is often left floating in the water encouraging algae which can be harmful to birds and fish.

Caroline Robson, from the Canal & River Trust, said: “Getting up close to the wildlife on our waterways is one of the simple joys of being on the canal and feeding the ducks is a great family activity. We would like visitors to think about what they are feeding the ducks and to ask them to make a small change to improve their diets. Ducks need a varied diet and feeding them bread is a bit like giving them a pizza everyday which isn’t good for their health.”

Helen Simpson, Mayor of Hungerford Town Council, said: “Hungerford Wharf is a really popular spot to feed the ducks.  However, we have noticed that left over bread has been attracting vermin, such as rats and feral pigeons, which isn’t nice for the visitors. By changing what we feed the ducks our wildlife gets to enjoy a healthier diet, and we also reduce the problem of having left over bits of bread and food at the wharf area.”

For more information on the Canal & River Trust, including finding out how you can support our work by donating money or volunteering with us visit





Neigbourhood Watch Hungerford

Following a meeting led by Angela Money, Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Committee Member representing West Berkshire with Thames Valley Police, Mayor of Hungerford and Richard Benyon MP, local residents were encouraged to create a Neighbourhood Watch team in Hungerford.

The first priority is to find a Co-ordinator.  If you are interested, please fill out the attached form and send it to The Head of Coporate Communications, Thames Valley Police Headquarter - address on the bottom of the attached form

Application Form

Police & Crime Summary


A summary version of the Police and Crime Plan of the Thames Valley 2017-2021 has now been published detailing the five strategic priorities for policing and crime for the next five years.  Please see attached document.Summary

Age UK Berkshire - Easy Shop

Easy Shop is a service provided by Age UK Berkshire in association with the leading supermarkets to give you regular and reliable supermarket shopping delivered to your home.  If you find it difficult to get to the shops, can't or don't want to shop on-line: whether you're older or a person with disabilities, Easy Shop is designed for you.  Please follow the attached link to Penny Post for more details about this helpful scheme:
or contact Age UK Berkshire on 0118 959 4242 or 01635 522255,,


Hungerford Town Council works alongside West Berkshire District Council to provide a variety of local services.  Listed below is a summary of the responsibilities and services provided by HTC and WBC.

Hungerford Town Council is responsible for:

The Mayor of Hungerford

Planning (HTC is a statutory consultee on Planning Applications in Hungerford and although the Town Council’s comments will be considered, the final decision lies with West Berkshire Council)

Highways & Transport (HTC's Highways and Transport Committee lobby WBC for changes they see as required through their local knowledge of the town, but ultimately WBC are responsible.  In particular potholes, slips and trips on the footway should be reported directly to them through


St Saviour's Cemetery

The Croft Field Centre

Play Areas

Hungerford Youth & Community Centre

Triangle Field



Hungerford Library

Community Events

Bridge Street War Memorial

Public Toilets

West Berkshire District Council is responsible for:
Leisure, Parks and Countryside
For help relating to any of the above, please contact the WBC website on

In addition to the above, the Town and Manor of Hungerford is a charity responsible for protecting the Commoners' rights and the lands and rivers of the Town and Manor.  Their areas of responsibility include:
The Town Hall
Local markets and other events
Hungerford Common, The Croft, Freeman's March, the John O'Gaunt Inn
For help relating to any of the above, please contact the Town and Manor website on