Hungerford Town Council

A: Main Council Committees that report to Full Council

Finance & General Purposes Committee

8 councillors

  • Mayor - Keith Knight
  • Deputy Mayor - Helen Simpson
  • T&E Chair - Martin Crane
  • F&GP Acting Chair - Dennis Benneyworth
  • F&GP Deputy - Claire Winser
  • E&P Chair -  Carolann Farrell
  • RAWM  Chair - Helen Simpson
  • H&T Chair - Rob Brookman

Recreation, Amenities & War Memorials Committee

9 councillors

  • Chair - H Simpson
  • Deputy - D Benneyworth
  • Councillors - C Farrell, P Whiting, R Brookman, C Winser, K Knight, M Cusack

Highways & Transport Committee

8 councillors

  • Chair - R Brookman
  • Deputy Chair - R Hudson
  • Councillors -  K Knight, P Whiting, J Downe, R Chicken, M Cusack, S Finlay, John Willmott (co-opted)

Environment & Planning Committee

11 councillors

  • Chair - C Farrell
  • Deputy Chair - C Winser
  • Councillors - R Hudson, M Crane, P Whiting, R Brookman, R Chicken, K Knight, H Simpson, S Finlay

Tourist & Economy Committee

5 councillors

  • Chair - M Crane
  • Deputy - 
  • Councillors - K Knight, R Chicken, J Downe

B: Sub Committees (With Delegated Authority, Chaired By HTC, Require Full Agenda & Minutes) - Reports to Main Council Committees

Staff Sub Committee (Sub Committee Of F&GP)

Councillors - M Crane, D Benneyworth, R Brookman, K Knight, H Simpson

C: Working Party (No Authority) - Reports to Main Council Committees


(Working Party Reports To E&P)

Includes 4 Councillors

  • Chair - R Hudson
  • Councillors - D Benneyworth, M Crane, C Farrell
  • Non-councillors - D Gaines, C Scorey, G Furr
  • AONB Rep - H Oliver or A Lord
  • District Councillor Rep - P Hewer

Hungerford In Bloom

(Working Party Reports To H&T)

  • Councillors - R Brookman

Christmas Lights

(Working Party Reports To H & T)

  • Councillors - M Crane, R Brookman, K Knight, H Simpson
  • Non-councillors - Rod Desmeules (Volunteer), Roger Ballard (Employee)

D: Councillors Have Membership, But Not Set Up By HTC

Youth & Community Centre

Non-councillors - Chair: Charlie Barr, Secretary: Alison Blake, Treasurer: Shirley Harries, Clerk: Andrea Hodgkin, Fundraising: Anthony Buckwell

Triangle Field Management Committee

  • Councillors - C Winser (Chair), D Small (Secretary), K Knight
  • Non-councillor officers - Bookings: Rob Cox (HRJFC), Treasurer: Nigel Pateman (RFC) 

Hungerford Envioronmental Action Team (HEAT)

  • Non-Councillors - Tony Drewer-Trump, Penny Locke

Town Plan Steering Group

(Only 3 Places Available)

  • Councillors - R Hudson, M Crane
  • Non-councillors - Chair: Chris Scorey, Greg Furr, Rachel Furr

Chamber Of Commerce

  • Councillors - M Crane, M Cusack
  • Non-councillors - over 50 members

Canal Users Forum

Councillors - S Finlay

Hungerford & Camburn Educational Trust

3 members are appointed by HTC - Margaret Wilson, Keith Knight, Ron Rowland

Barbara Barr is Clerk and contact

Hungerford Leisure Centre

(JAC) Joint Advisory Committee

  • Non-councillors - Centre Manager: Rose Metalli, General Manager: Alex Godfrey, Shaun Wood

Hungerford Twinning

  • Councillors - K Knight (Honorary President)
  • Non-councillors - Chair: Penny Brookman, Secretary: Joy Gilbert

West Berks Association Of Local Councils

  • All councillors are automatically members
  • Non-councillors - County Executive Officer: Jayne Kirke, 15+ executive members, various members of local councils